Important preparations have begun in the Middle East prior to the implementation of the Trump-Kushner plan for Palestine, the so-called “treaty of the century”.

Many details of this polemic plan are already well known, having been mentioned here and there. However the fact is that there is no certainty on almost any element, apart from the fact that all Palestinians would obtain citizenship (and therefore lose their refugee status). In any event, the Trump-Kushner Plan would not be based on Law and Justice but the realities on the ground, to put an end to a conflict that has become more and more complex over the past 70 years.

For the White House, it is absolutely essential to make sure that none of the numerous protaganists of the regional conflicts seek to block the solution proposed.

But the fact is that the Palestine Authority is contrary to the Two State Solution and is now refusing to enter into dialogue with the United States. Meanwhile, in July, the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, Salem Falahat, issued a death threat –in Hamas’s name – to anyone that supported the Trump-Kushner plan, using the 1981 assassination of the Egyptian President, Anwar el-Sadat as a reference.

The Israeli Prime Minister, for his part, contrary to the “solution of a single state”, has just had passed a fundamental law that defines Israel as a “Jewish State”, that is without Arabs, Druzes or Christians.

In Riyadh: the Saudi King Salman signalled that he will not support any plan that conflicts with terms laid down in the peace proposal, put forward by the Saudi Prince Abdallah and accepted by the Arab League.

On Iran: President Trump proposed meeting personally with the Iranian President, Hassan Rohani, however the latter declined this invitation. The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo then announced, on 16 August, the creation of an action group for Iran. The purpose of the Iran Action Group would not be regime change but to isolate the clerical class represented by the President-Sheikh Rohani.

On Syria: the current special envoy of the UN Secretary General, Staffan de Mistura, could be replaced by the Bulgarian Nikolai Mladenov. De Mistura is one of the hardnuts of the former UN Director of Political Affairs, the US Jeffrey Feltman [1]. Mladenov, who has ties to the multimillionaire George Soros and to NATO, participated in conceiving the economic part of the Trump-Kushner plan.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, for his part, proposed the deployment of a UN military and political force to guarantee the security of the population in Palestine territories (which would thus be deprived of this fundamental attribute of sovereignty).

At a meeting that took place in Charlestone (Western Virginia) on 22 August, President Trump declared that, after moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, the time has come to do something for the Palestinian people and Israel will have to accept some concession.

The White House Plan for the Middle East could be unveiled by President Trump at the opening of the 73 session of the UN General Assembly, on 18 September.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1As far as Lavrov is concerned, Guterres would be a straw man at the head of the UN”, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 22 August 2018.