On 2 September 2018, at around 0h35, the Damascus anti-air defence sprung into action. However, an enemy missile succeeded in striking the military air base at Al Mazzeh (Damascus), triggering a short-circuit which caused an ammunitions warehouse to burst into flames. For several seconds, an enormous flame could be seen.

For almost an hour you could hear more than a thousand explosions, resulting in the complete destruction of the warehouse and around 70 fatalities.

During the war against Syria, Israel has intervened on countless occasions in support of the jihadists. Generally speaking, Israeli planes fire on Syrian government targets from Lebanese air space, without invading Syrian air space.

Last week Iran and Syria signed a treaty making provision for Iranian engineers to play a role in reconstructing the Syrian military industry.

The Syrian Arab Republic is preparing to chase out the jihadists from the governorate of Idleb (in the North-West of the country) where they have now gathered.

Anoosha Boralessa