The Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Hassake-Nisibi, Monsigneur Jacques Behnan Hindo, has slammed the Kurdish leaders that control, with the support of the United States, the North East Syria, which they now call «Rojava». This is because they articulate in his presence, their plan to eradicate Christian populations from this Syrian region.

What these Kurds call the «Rojava» is a Kurdish entity which says it applies the «libertarian communitarianism» of the US anarchist Murray Bookchin. But in actual fact, the Rojava is a Syrian territory administered by the US occupants, that give orders to Kurdish armed groups and use them to control the terrain.

For about three years, these armed Kurdish groups – which claim to create a Kurdistan in lands populated by Arabs – have had the support of a hundred schools. The language of instruction in these schools is Kurdish and the schools have their own teaching curriculum. The authoritarianism of these armed Kurdish groups has given rise to clashes between the Sunni Kurds and the Christian Arab populations in this region.

As a question of principle, the Christians of Syria support independent states with secular institutions. In contrast, the Pentagon favours the creation of Ethnic or theocratic states under US control.

Anoosha Boralessa