On 17 September 2018, at around 22 hrs (local time) a Russian military plane, Il-20, disappeared from the radar screens in the Mediterranean, approximately 35 km from the coasts of Syria. It returned to the air base of Hmeymim, with 14 people on board.

The incident occurred when a battle was to be waged in the area. From the international waters four Israeli F-16 planes, attacked the International Institute of Technical Industries in Latakia. The anti- air Syrian defense responded by destroying various enemy missiles in flight.

Israel is now attacking every Syrian centre of military-related scientific research. It is trying to follow through with its programme of assassinating non-Israeli military scientists in the Middle East, replicating its fait accompli in Iraq and Iran.

The United States has immediately accused Syria of inadvertently destroying the Russian military plane in response to the Israeli attack.

In the meantime, Syria is accusing the French Frigate Auvergne, deployed in the Mediterranean, of participating in the battle. This is something which Paris denies, just as it always does.

A number of satellites were able to record Israeli air attack of 17 September and the response of the Syrian anti-air defense.

The Ilyushin Il-20 was a plane with four propelling motors. It was to carry out a mission of observing Western forces in the area as well as drones, at the time the battle begun.

The study of the recordings shows that:
(1) The French frigate, Auvergne, fired missiles against Syria
(2) One of the Israeli planes took cover behind the Russian plane. As a result the Syrian firing targetted at the Israeli plane, missed its target and hit the II-20.

Using a plane from a third country to protect yourself from anti-air defense constitutes an act of war against the county whose plane you are using as a shield. This is exactly how Israel used the Russian (third country) plane.

Anoosha Boralessa