Yahia Gouasmi is a French-Algerian disciple of Imam Rouhollah Khomeini. He became Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s representative in France. On 2 October 2018, he was arrested with 10 of his companions during a massive operation conducted by about 200 policemen, in the City of Grande-Synthe, Northern France.

During this operation, the French police searched and then closed the Zhara Centre which brings together Shiites in France.

At the same time, several bank accounts linked to Iran were frozen temporarily (for 6 months) by a government decree [1].

The French police are seeking to establish a link between the Islamic Republic of Iran, this religious man and the planned attack against the meeting of the Mujahideens of the People that took place in Paris on 30 June 2018. Amir S. and his spouse Nasimeh N. have already been arrested in Belgium as part of this investigation. An Iranian diplomat, Assadollah Assadi, was also arrested, this time in Germany.

The Mujahideens of the People is a Marxist organization supported by … Saudi Arabia and the United States. They have claimed responsibility for thousands of assassinations in Iran and Iraq. The European Union has once again classified them a terrorist organization.

The activities of Yahia Gouasmi as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s representative in France were legally funded by Iran, occasionally by diplomatic channels. Gousami also produced regular accounts of his activities to the General Directorate of Internal Security.

While not a politician himself, Yahia Gouasmi had established a political organization, the Anti-Zionist Party, which presented candidates for the European elections in 2009 and the French legislative elections in 2012. The candidates presented included the humourist Dieudonné and the sociologist Alain Soral. When he was French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls (today a candidate for the Spanish municipality of Barcelona), labelled the three men, Gouasmi, Dieudonne and Soral as dangerous for democracy. He took personal responsibility for marginalizing all three .

To link the Zaha Centre to a terrorist affair seems rather strange. Yahia Gouasmi is a well respected religious figure in the Middle East. This leads us to think of a possible manipulation by the French government, which it appears, suspects Mr Gouasmi of being involved in managing Iranian funding for the Anti-Zionist Party for the European elections of 26 May 2019.

Paris and Teheran have already waged a secret war in the eighties. At this time, the French army was bombing Iran without giving a priori notice to the French electorate.

On the Iranian political scene, President Macron maintains good relations with his Iranian partner, the Iranian President, Hassan Rohani and relationships that need some work on with the Guide of the Revolution Ali Khamenei.

The French Minister for Home Affairs, Gérard Collomb, handed in his resignation to President Macron two days before Yahia Gouasmi was arrested. His resignation was not accepted. He has just submitted it again.

Anoosha Boralessa

[1« La France dénonce le terrorisme iranien », Réseau Voltaire, 2 octobre 2018.