A French investigation judge has just indicted three Syrian personalities, one of which is General Ali Mamlouk on the following charges:
• “complicity in acts of torture”;
• “complicity in forced disappearances”; and
• “complicity in crimes against humanity, war crimes and delitos of war”.

This judge has issued international search warrants to prevent the accused from travelling outside Syria. General Mamelouk, Syria’s number 2, has recently travelled to Europe, the Persian Gulf, and North Africa to drive negotiations with the United States.

The French magistrate used the “Cesar Report” to lay his foundation. The Cesar Report comprises about 50 000 photographs that the Syrian Arab Army have taken of victims of the jihadists. Yet these photos are presented with aplomb in the West as victims of the Syrian Arab Army.

Qatar is covering the costs associated with the “Cesar Report”. These costs relate to its presentation and publication in the West plus the legal costs.

Anoosha Boralessa