The Emirate of Qatar is supposed to transfer 21 million euro to pay the salaries of Gaza officials.

Palestinian officials living in the Gaza Strip are no longer paid by the Palestine Authority. This has been the case for more than 6 months, following the rupture of relations between President Mahmud Abbas and Hamas.

De facto, no longer recognized as a single state by the different members of the UN, the Palestinian territories are divided into two distinct political entities.
Established with the help of Israel, Hamas was declared the “Palestine Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood” during the “Arab Spring”; a title which it consequently renounced.

Although the Emirate of Qatar is in theory a foreign state, it is— with Turkey— one of the two protectors of the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus Qatar considers exercising power in Gaza through Hamas.

An initial cash payment of 15 million arrived on 8 November 2018. It was transferred to Hamas and not the Palestine Authorities. This is interesting as Hamas governs only the Gaza Strip whereas the Palestine Authorities are the only legitimate authority over all the Palestine territories.

Anoosha Boralessa