Israel: A serious government crisis has erupted within the cabinet of the Prime Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the Hamas conflict.

After Hamas had issued a threat to Israel that it would attack it if it did not provide it immediately with substantial sums of money to pay the officials of the Gaza Strip and to resolve the humanitarian crisis (which it had never tried to resolve), Benjamin Netanayahu authorized Qatar to provide fuel and to transfer cash. By doing this, Israel and Hamas have bypassed the Palestine Authority and recognized the Qatar Power over the Gaza Strip.

In the following days, Hamas de-masked an operation of illegal infiltration by Israel in the Gaza Strip. This gave place to clashes causing the death of an Israeli official and 7 Palestinians. Hamas’s response: firing more than 400 rockets. Israel’s counter-response: destroying several sites judged strategic, including those of the television station Al-Aqsa’s headquarters.

After three days of clashes and a meeting of the UN Security Council behind closed doors, Egypt negotiated a ceasefire between the two parties. The Prime Minister of the illegitimate government of the Gaza Strip, the Muslim Brother Yahya Sinwar, accepted it. Benjamin Netanyahu imposed it then on the members of his cabinet. His spokesperson assured that this decision had been taken unanimously. Now not only was there no vote, but four ministers were opposed to it. One of these is the Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

The content of the cease-fire agreement has still not yet been divulged. It is impossible to analyse and clearly understand why Hamas accepted it and the reasons for the Netanyahu-Lieberman conflict…. However, it is clear that although Hamas responded to the Israeli interference by sparking off a spiral of violence, it did so at the request of Iran, as the principal military supporter of Israel is the United States.
The region was thus prepared for a fourth war between Hamas-Israel and in Lebanon the Hezbollah all set to intervene. As for the interim Lebanese government, it has condemned the Israeli bombing but has not commented on the bombings executed by Hamas.

Considering his credibility to be at stake, Avigdor Lieberman may well resign.

Although events on the ground are clear, many questions are left unanswered regarding their orchestration by Qatar, Iran and the United States.

Anoosha Boralessa