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The Russian Counter-Offer to the “Deal of the Century”


Addressing the participants of the “Mediterranean Dialogue 2018” in Rome, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, declared that it impossible to achieve peace in Libya and Iraq while issues relating to Palestine remain unresolved.

In the past, all even Israel agreed that all conflicts currently being played out in the Near East are impacted by the oldest issue of them all, the conditions for establishing a State of Israel. However the Israeli leaders that defend the thesis of Vladimir Jabotinsky, notably Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reject this analysis and object to isolating problems within the region; a rhetoric now espoused by the United States.

The US President Donald Trump hopes to succeed in re-establishing peace in the Middle East before his mandate comes to an end. He has entrusted his special counsel Jared Kushner with the task of elaborating a plan to settle the conflict. Jared had come up with the “Deal of the Century”. Jared has reached two conclusions:
- 1. One: every Israeli and Palestine leader is far more attached to their personal position that to serving their people.
- 2. Two: the Palestinians unjustly chased out of the land in 1948 have not always accepted losing several wars since and are refusing the consequences of them.

Jared has put together a plan in the interest of the people that contradicts the speech of the leaders and violates the myths of some against the others. However the announcement of this project has been indefinitely deferred.

Russia is proposing to decelerate the United States and to organize, under the auspices of the United Nations, and with the participation of the Arab League, fresh Israeli Palestine negotiations in Moscow.

In practice, all previous negotiations for 70 years have failed because one protagonist or the other was excluded. The situation today is that the US plan has been conceived against Russia and similarly the Russian plan has been conceived against the United States. The only conference that has obtained a result is the one held in Madrid (1991), because it was co-organized by Washington and Moscow. The process implemented was interrupted by the end of the mandate of George Bush father, in the United States and the election of Bill Clinton.

Anoosha Boralessa

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