Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State has just appointed Elliot Abrams as Special Envoy for Venezuela.

Elliott Abrams is a hard-core neo-conservative. He wove himself into the tight-knit Jewish coterie surrounding Democratic senator Henry Scoop Jackson. He then unravelled himself and threaded into the Raegan Administration. Abrams married the step-daughter of Norman Podhoretz, editor-in-chief of the Commentary. He is one of the initiators of theo-politics.

He was the one who supervised the creation of NED – the National Endowment for Democracy. This is the agency tasked with pursuing in secret the goals of the CIA. When Raegan was president, Abrams was on the organizing committee of the war against Nicaragua and El Salvador, as well as the Iran-Contras matter. Then when Bush (son) was President, Abrams was on the advisory committee for “global democracy”. It is in this capacity that Abrams supervised the attempted coup d’etat against Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez in 2002.

During the most recent presidential campaign, Abrams took a position against Donald Trump. Yet after Trump was elected to power, the Deep State tried to impose him as Secretary of State but President Trump would have none of it.

Abrams appointment as special envoy for Venezuela marks a radical shift in the Trump Administration’s policy.

« Elliott Abrams, le "gladiateur" converti à la "théopolitique" », par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 14 février 2005.

Anoosha Boralessa