Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, has not only invested in the United Arab Emirates but also in China, specifically in Xinqiang.

Citic, the Chinese public financial conglomerate has a 25% shareholding in FSB, a company set up by Prince. FSG signed an agreement with the Management Committee of an industrial park in Kashgar Caohu in order to train 8 000 security agents per year. A signing ceremony took place on 11 January 2019 at Beijing (photo).

According to Reuters, the Chinese Partner of FSB would probably have ties to the local Communist Party and the Chinese Group Xinjiang (the “Bingtuan”), a public development agency in the Turkophone region, equipped with a paramilitary militia - Han.

Erik Prince has denied having any knowledge of the signature of this agreement and has removed the photograph from FSB’s official site.

Erik Prince company to build training centre in China’s Xinjiang”, Christian Shepherd, Reuters, January 31, 2019.

Anoosha Boralessa