We, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the Collective Security Treaty Organization,

reaffirming our commitment to strengthening peace, global and regional security and stability based on the universally recognized norms and principles of international law and our readiness to contribute to broad international efforts to counter global challenges, including proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and international terrorism,

determined that it is necessary to continue efforts aimed at shaping a new architecture of Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security based on ensuring equal and indivisible security for all states by enshrining this principle in international law,

emphasizing the importance of reducing tensions and enhancing mutual trust,

guided by the provisions of the OSCE Platform for Co-operative Security and being confident that the co-operation between international and regional organizations will strengthen international security and stability,

call upon the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of NATO to take the following initial joint measures:

1. Establish direct contacts between the Secretaries General of the two Organizations and to launch a dialogue between the CSTO Permanent Council and the North Atlantic Council.

2. Create a mechanism for regular consultations between the CSTO Secretariat and the NATO International Staff on current regional and European security matters.

3. Promote contacts between the CSTO and NATO in order to create mechanisms for the prevention of dangerous military incidents.

4. Hold regular briefings on major CSTO and NATO exercises with the aim of building confidence.

5. Facilitate reciprocal participation, as observers, in CSTO and NATO military exercises.

6. Welcoming the NATO Member States’ participation as observers in the CSTO activities to fight illegal drug trafficking, we invite the North Atlantic Alliance to a closer co-operation in this area.

We reaffirm the CSTO’s openness to constructive dialogue with NATO and its readiness for co-operation in areas of mutual interest.