As at 6 October 2019, Kurdish mercenaries in "Rojava" were guarding, on behalf of the United States, seven detention camps for captured Daesh combatants, plus eight different camps for their wives and children.

According to YPG sources, the camps contained 14,800 jihadi fighters and several hundred thousand civilians related to them.

Today, we can reveal that the Syrian secret services had asked foreign countries concerned to take back their jihadi nationals made prisoners by the Syrian Arab Army. Many acquiesced to the request, while others - who are against the death penalty at home - have asked Syria to hang them. For her part, France opted for her citizens to be handed over to the Kurds, which has been done.

Three days before the Turkish invasion, the White House called on the Anti-Daesh Coalition members to recover their own nationals, on the understanding that the “Rojava“ is only a fiction and that the US troops were retreating to Iraq. France, Germany and other European nations gave Washington the cold shoulder [1].

On 13 October, the YPG announced that, taking advantage of the confusion created by the Turkish invasion, 785 members of Daesh fighter families had escaped from the Ain Issa camp.

[1White House Statement on Terrorists in Northern Syria”, Voltaire Network, 6 October 2019.