Given that the coronavirus should not be undervalued and that the 10 preventive rules of the Ministry of Health should be followed, an 11th fundamental rule must be adopted: To prevent the spread of the fear virus. It is spread mainly through television, starting with the Rai, which devotes the news almost entirely to the coronavirus. The fear virus thus penetrates every household through the TV channels.

While they raise the greatest alarm for the coronavirus, they hide the fact that seasonal flu, a much more deadly epidemic, has caused in Italy during the 6th week of 2020 - according to the Higher Institute of Health - an average of 217 deaths per day, also due to pulmonary and cardiovascular complications related to the flu. They hide the fact that -according to the World Health Organization- more than 700 people die in Italy in one year from HIV/Aids (an average of two a day), out of a world total of about 770,000.

Regarding the alarmist campaign on the coronavirus, Maria Rita Gismondo - director of clinical macrobiology, virology and bio-emergency diagnostics at the laboratory of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, where samples of possible contagions are analyzed - says: "It’s madness. We’ve turned an infection that is little more serious than influenza into a lethal pandemic. Look at the numbers. It’s not a pandemic". But her scientific voice does not reach the general public, while every day, from the Rai service, which should be public, to the Mediaset channels, and not only, Italians are spreading fear among Italians about "the deadly virus that is spreading from China to the world". A campaign in fact corresponding to what US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in an interview with Fox Business: "I think that the coronavirus will contribute to the return of jobs from China to the USA. In China there was first SARS, then swine fever and now coronavirus. So, comments the New York Times, "China’s loss could be America’s gain. In other words, the virus could have a destructive impact on the Chinese economy and, in a chain reaction, on the economies of the rest of Asia, Europe and Russia, already affected by the fall in trade and tourism flows, to the benefit of the economically unscathed USA.

Global Research, the research centre on globalization headed by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, is publishing a series of articles by international experts on the origin of the virus. They argue that "it cannot be excluded that the virus was created in a laboratory". This hypothesis cannot be regarded as "conspiracy" and exorcised as such. Why not? Because the United States, Russia, China and other major powers have laboratories where research is conducted on viruses that, when modified, can be used as biological warfare agents, including on targeted sectors of the population. This is an area surrounded by the greatest secrecy, often under the guise of civilian scientific research.

But some facts are emerging: the presence in Wuhan of a bio-laboratory where Chinese scientists, in collaboration with France, conduct research on lethal viruses, including some sent by the Canadian Microbiology Laboratory. In July 2015, the British government’s Pirbright Institute patented an "attenuated coronavirus" in the USA. In October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security conducted a coronavirus pandemic simulation in New York City, forecasting a scenario that, if it became a reality, would result in 65 million deaths [1]. But we are not simulating the pandemic of the fear virus, which is spreading with destructive socio-economic effects.

Roger Lagassé
Il Manifesto (Italy)

[1When Davos WEF was planning for a coronavirus pandemic”, Voltaire Network, 5 February 2020.