In Lebanon, the government of Hassan Diab has implemented a curfew and drastic health measures to fight the epidemic while the country’s health facilities are almost exclusively to be found in the private sector. The pro-US religious parties have accused Hezbollah of importing Covid-19 into Lebanon from Iran.

In this context, Hezbollah spontaneously took over the running of public health in the southern part of the country, with a majority Shia population. The Party of God has its own hospitals which are considered to be the best in the Middle East. It announced that it is to mobilize 1,500 doctors, 3,000 nurses and first-aid workers as well as 5,000 health and service managers. It carries out the disinfectation of cities and moves around to inform the population.

In view of its competence in matters of public health, Hezbollah regularly lands the post of Lebanese Ministry of Health. Professor Hamad Hassan is the current holder.

In its communications, Hezbollah reminds the Lebanese people that it has defended the country against the Israeli aggressor instead of the State and that it continues to defend them today against the pandemic in the absence of the State.

For its part, the United States, which accuses the Party of God of being a terrorist organization, supports Israeli aggression and offers no aid to the government to deal with the pandemic.