According to Middle East Eye, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, has decided to back the liberation of the Idlib Governorate (Syria), which continues to be occupied by jihadists and the Turkish army [1]. He has offered $ 3 billion in support of the Syrian military.

Russia used Turkey to organize the pull-back of the jihadists towards Idlib. It achieved its strategic objectives by liberating Damascus and Aleppo, then by building up its Navy base in Tartous.

The Emirates and Russia are fighting on the same side against Turkey in Libya.

On 5 March, Russia and Turkey signed a — never implemented — ceasefire agreement. Disregarding it, Syria, supported by the Emirates, forged ahead with the liberation of its territory before being called to a cease-fire by the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Choigou, who came specially to meet President al-Assad in Damascus on 23 March.

With his country having already donated 250 million dollars twice, Prince Mohammed bin Zayed called his Syrian counterpart, on 27 March, prodding him to use the money not to kick the Turks out of Syria, but to fight against the coronavirus instead.

[1Mohammed bin Zayed pushed Assad to break Idlib ceasefire”, David Hearst, Middle East Eye, April 8, 2020.