Map of the riots of the last five days. In orange, the states that have requested the National Guard.
Source: New York Times

The United States is in flames after the apparent lynching of a black resident, George Floyd, by a white Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, on May 25, 2020.

The soothing words of Mayor Jacob Frey have not been heard. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has called on the National Guard to quell the rebellion. The riots spread to 140 major cities, and 20 other states also requested the National Guard.

These riots are not against racism in general, but exclusively against anti-black racism. Nor do they have anything to do with the Democratic/Republican political divide. Both Minneapolis and Minnesota are Democrats. They were, however, predictable for anyone interested in American sociology [1].

1] These events are not unlike the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which followed the acquittal of the white police officers who beat up the black Rodney King. At that time, 63 people were killed, 2,383 injured and more than 12,000 arrested. 3,767 buildings were burned and the damage amounted to more than $1 billion [2].

2] However, the current situation pits blacks and some whites exclusively against the White Power, while the situation twenty-eight years ago also pitted blacks against the Korean community. [3] It is spreading throughout the country instead of being confined to the vicinity of the crime scene. This extension takes the United States back to the 1960s (Kennedy-Johnson), when the National Guard had to be deployed to several segregated states to allow blacks to attend public schools.

The 11 rival cultural communities that share the United States today.
Source: Colin Woodard

The United States still hasn’t digested its slave past. However, despite appearances, this conflict does not threaten the integrity of the country. Indeed, over the last few decades, the US population has moved around a lot so that today it has regrouped by cultural affinity into 11 different communities (see map above). Blacks, for their part, have not formed a geographical area that they would control, but have carried out a "New Great Migration" mainly towards the deep South (caste system and struggle against the federal state) where they are both integrated and discriminated against. They are also very present in the Midlands (pluralist and middle-class oriented) [4].

According to various police sources, so-called antifascist groups are coordinating the current riots all over the country. Although it is not known for sure who finances this movement, one cannot help but think about the conspiracy denounced three years ago by the FBI, which exposed links between US anarchist circles and Middle Eastern jihadists [5] If this information were verified, we would have to see not in these riots, but in their extension, the hand of the US deep state against President Trump [6] President Trump has announced his intention to ban them.

In any case, things will only go wrong for the future of the USA if other communities get into the dance. Especially the Mexicans, whose Aztec culture is very violent.

The temptation for separatism is particularly strong in Texas [7] and California; the only federal states that present themselves as Republics.

In 1998, Professor Igor Panarin, who was then one of the directors of the KGB, predicted that the United States would not survive the USSR for long. Based on an analysis of the regional cultural differences that were beginning to emerge, he anticipated the dissolution of the federal state. This process was interrupted by the 9/11 attacks and the plans of Presidents Bush Jr. and Obama. However, it resumed during Barack Obama’s second term, brought Donald Trump to power, and now seems inevitable.

Roger Lagassé

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