Former papal nuncio to the US (Holy See ambassador), Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, wrote to President Donald Trump on 7 June 2020 beseeching him to stand firm against the alleged anti-racist protests.

The Archbishop believes that the public response to the Covid-19 pandemic was medically unfounded and constituted the largest social engineering operation in history. According to him, it was sponsored by the same actors as those behind the world demonstrations sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Having failed to impose their views on President Trump, these actors are now distorting his words to cut him off from his electoral base.

Archbishop Viganò is a top level diplomat who occupied high-profile positions at the Vatican, where he served as Secretary General of the Governatorate. He got into the public eye for his role in exposing the sexual abuse of minors at the hands of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, then Archbishop of Washington. The scandal plunged the Catholic Church into a grave crisis leading to the culprit’s relegation to a convent.