Syrian and Russian troops have resumed their strikes against jihadist groups in Idlieb (Syria).

In response, Al Qaeda assembled under its umbrella five distinct groups known as Fathboutou ("Be firm"). They have a contingent of 30,000 fighters; receive funding and weapons from NATO; and have appointed a joint command structure, as follows:

 Tanzim Hurras al-din ("Guardians of religion organization", a group publicly affiliated with al-Qaeda since April 2018)
 Ansar al-Islam ("Defenders of Islam")
 Ansar al-Din ("Defenders of religion")
 Liwa al-Mouqatiline al-Ansar ("Brigade of auxiliary fighters")
 Tansiqiyat al-Jihad (“Jihad Coordination Committee”).

In their communications with the West, the above groups only refer to their "revolutionary struggle" against the Syrian, Russian and Iranian "regimes". When it comes to the Arab world, they only speak of the "Islamic Nation", of "jihad against infidels" and of the "sharia".