On 30 June 2020 during a videoconference devoted to the reconstruction of Syria, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab appealed to the United Nations and the European Union for their help in respect to the Caesar bill.

The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, which entered into force on 17 June, is a US piece of legislation meant to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, guilty of still being there after years of braving threats, an embargo, false charges, a rigged trial and war.

It imposes US sanctions on any person or entity that extends assistance to the Syrian "regime".

However, the sanctions can be dodged by Syria since it can deal through the Kurdish mercenaries sponsored by the Pentagon, but not by Lebanon, whose population is already starting to go hungry.

"I call on the United Nations, the European Union and friendly countries to protect Lebanon from the negative repercussions of any sanctions which could be imposed on the Syrians, in particular within the framework of the Caesar Act, and to ensure that such repercussions do not disrupt our commercial and economic activities abroad, thus jeopardizing our ongoing efforts to overcome the crisis that our country is going through," said Hassan Diab.