Although the radar returns recorded by Flight24 reveal that two Azerbaijani military transport aircraft landed in Israel to load up cargo just before and just after the attack on Artsakh, the Israeli High Court considered that this did not prove that Israeli weapons were being used today against the Armenians [1].

While Amnesty International has testified that the Azerbaijani army deploys Israeli drones against Armenian civilians, the Israeli High Court decided that this did not prove they had been intentionally sold for that purpose. In fact, Israeli drones were already being displayed at Azerbaijani military parades as early as 2015.

Judge Yosef Elron, therefore, dismissed the petition which had been submitted to the High Court [2], making it impossible for either witnesses or arguments to be heard. This high-ranking magistrate, a former military judge, is known for his complacency towards the security services.

Steadfast defenders of Israel - like Noam Chomsky [3] - have tried to downplay Israel’s stance by arguing that the Jewish state had only sold arms to Azerbaijan for gain. To which other, more honest, intellectuals responded. Hence, Israel W. Charny, director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem, raised the following question: imagining that the Nazis had decided to annihilate only the Gypsies and not the Jews, if the State of Israel had existed then, could it have provided them with the weapons of the genocide?

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