The US mainstream media, which ever since Donald Trump’s surprise election, and even before he took office, have relentlessly derided, insulted him and even called for his assassination, are now trying to stifle his voice.

Thus, the three major national television stations - ABC, CBS, NBC - cut off his post-election press conference the minute he began to question the transparency of the ballot-counting process.

According to these media organisations, the current president was spewing a tissue of lies.

The press conference may, however, still be accessed here:

The TV channels were preceded by the leading internet operators (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) which shut down accounts following the same logic.

Before finding out who won this election - which is secondary in our view - it is important to understand what is happening: the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that freedom of speech has no limits. Everyone has the right to say whatever they wish. The state, in any case, can not censor any idea whatsoever, no matter how egregious. Any limits can only be imposed a posteriori by the courts, when people consider they have been defamed and provide proof thereof.

The first ten amendments of the Constitution form the Bill of Rights which lays down the US conception of human rights.

By censoring their incumbent president, the media, though not personally affected by his words, pretend to act as guardians of the Truth.

For five years, Voltaire Network has attempted to explain that the United States is no longer divided into Republicans and Democrats, but is undergoing a crisis of civilization. On the one hand, the successors of the Mayflower "pilgrim fathers" want to impose their conception of the "Pure Way"; on the other, the descendants of immigrants from the European continent are trying to revive the "American dream". It was also in this light that we analyzed both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Black Lives Matter movement. Today, this interpretation has been validated and a new Civil War is thus inevitable, not immediately, but in the next few years.