Former Bolivian president Evo Morales has returned from exile. He had fled his country in October 2019 during the coup d’état hatched by a homegrown Ustashi group linked to the CIA and the OAS [1], to thwart his re-election. The international media had then falsely reported that he was forced to leave amid a wave of protests.

However, the putschists were ultimately compelled to hold elections, which were won on 20 October 2020 by President Morales’ party in the first round [2] .

He made a triumphant homecoming, greeted by a massive crowd on the tarmac at Chimoré (Chapare) airport, the place from where he was forced to leave the country exactly one year ago.

It appears that the United States acquiesced to this epilogue only on condition that ex-President Morales does not return to power.

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[2"Une gifle cinglante pour la ’coalition occidentale’", par Général Dominique Delawarde, Réseau Voltaire, 21 octobre 2020.