Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (MİT) arrested two members of Fetullah Gülen’s terrorist organization (FETÖ) in Uzbekistan.

Upon their arrival in Turkey, the authorities reported that these two leaders, Gurbuz Sevilat and Tamer Avci, were responsible for supplying arms to members of the Kurdish separatist organization PKK and its Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian branches.

On behalf of the CIA, FETÖ had plotted to assassinate President Erdogan on 15 July 2016. However, the attempt was foiled and the soldiers involved improvised a coup d’etat which also failed. Since then, Turkey has tried unsuccessfully to retrieve Fetullah Gülen, exiled in the United States.

The PKK is a former Marxist-Leninist organisation, allied with Syria and the Soviet Union, which became —after the dissolution of the latter — a libertarian movement, allied with the United States and NATO.