Western states, which have neglected research on a cure for Covid-19 to focus exclusively on vaccines, are now beset by their rivalries.

Only the United States under President Trump and the United Kingdom with Prime Minister Johnson have developed their own vaccines, not the European Union.

The EU must come to terms with the fact that, not only it is on the road to scientific under development, but also that London has gone back to its erstwhile imperial policies before joining the EU. Since Brexit, Boris Johnson has quietly overthrown President Morales in Bolivia, securing this country’s lithium reserves; he occupied the island of Socotra south of the Arabian Peninsula and installed a military base in the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb; finally, he backed Turkey against Armenia and obtained easier access to Azerbaijan’s oil reserves.

The Biden Administration which had pledged to link up with its traditional allies, and with the G7, to organize the global distribution of anti-Covid vaccines, was quick to reveal its true nature by refusing to open up its strategic stocks to come to the aid of the European Union.

However, being bound by certain treaties, the EU remains entirely dependent on NATO - that is to say on the Anglo-Saxons - for its defense.

The European Commission, which wields control over vaccines within the EU notwithstanding such treaties, therefore decided to suspend the AstraZeneca vaccination campaign allegedly for health reasons. However, the European Medicines Agency, the only competent authority in the matter, had already approved it and has not reversed its decision. The European Commission intends to both get away with its illegal action and make the United Kingdom pay for Brexit.

Four European Union member states (Germany, Spain, France and Italy) have signed an agreement with Russia to obtain the Sputnik V vaccine, defying the Anglo-Saxons.

Actually, the rivalry between the UK and the EU ought to be ironed out by NATO. Failing which, the EU and NATO will be dissolved, while the US and British empires will dominate their former partners.

Either way, the current balance of the world will be disrupted by the shock of Covid-19.