Relying on the United States’ recognition of its full sovereignty in exchange for the normalization of its relations with Israel, Morocco does not intend to cede one inch with regard to the “Spanish Sahara” which it considers its territory.

Washington’s support for Morocco against Spain and Algeria is not new. In 1975, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger prodded King Hassan II into organizing the “Green March”, which saw 350,000 civilians advancing several kilometers into Western Sahara. During the decolonization of the Spanish Sahara in 1976, the territory was partially annexed by Mauritania and Morocco. In 1997, another US Secretary of State, James Baker, was appointed United Nations Special Envoy for the Sahara.

In December 2020, the United States and Morocco organized joint military maneuvers. On this occasion, the aircraft deployed on the USS Eisenhower invaded the airspace of Spain’s Canary Islands, without authorization.

Intimidated, Spain agreed, on 11 April, to have Algeria secretly transfer Polisario President Brahim Ghali to be treated on its territory through the military airport of Zaragoza. However, two complaints against him for “torture in the Tindouf refugee camps”, which had been shelved by Madrid, have conveniently resurfaced. The Moroccan secret services managed to locate the patient at San Pedro de Logroño hospital where he was registered under a false identity. They arranged for a magistrate, Judge Santiago Pedraz, to question him by videoconference.

At the same time, Morocco officially demanded the Polisario leader’s immediate extradition, which Spain refused, allegedly on account of the ongoing procedure. Madrid was taken aback by Morocco’s turnaround, considering it had previously authorized Brahim Ghali’s six trips to Spain and the hospitalization of several Polisario Front leaders.

Morocco then invaded the Spanish enclave of Ceuta with illegal immigrants. Over 9,000 in two days. A population transfer which confirms the United States’ political use of migration (Kosovars transferred to Macedonia, Syrians invited to Turkey and then sent to Europe, etc.).

Brahim Ghali responded to the judge, who could not, however, prove his involvement in the established facts. He is therefore always at large. A new complaint was then unearthed, that of the death of 281 Spaniards off the Canary Islands.

On 30 May, Algeria sent a plane to get him out of the hospital, but it had to turn back before it could land.

According to La Razon, the president of the Spanish Sahara, Brahim Ghali, was a member of the Spanish secret service during the Franco era.