Greece and Cyprus will soon reopen their embassies in Damascus, which were shut down in 2012.

The Czech Republic is the only member of the European Union to have kept its embassy open throughout the war. The ambassador represented President Miloš Zeman (pro-Syria) and did not report to the various governments which succeeded in Prague.

Actually, Hungary has secretly reopened its embassy one year ago, followed six months ago by Greece and Cyprus. These States are curretly represented by Chargé d’affaires and will soon be represented by plenipotentiary ambassadors.

On 27 May 2021, the European Union renewed for one year its sanctions against any person or firm participating in the reconstruction of the country, in accordance with the secret instructions issued, in 2017, by US-citizen Jeffrey Feltman when he was serving as UN Under-Secretary General [1].

[1“[Parameters and Principles of UN assistance in Syria”, by Jeffrey D. Feltman, Voltaire Network, 15 October 2017.