The heads of state and government of Egypt, Iraq and Jordan met on June 27 in Baghdad. The three countries intend to strengthen their relations with Turkey as well as with Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Turkey occupies northwestern Iraq and supports the Muslim Brotherhood against Egypt. Saudi Arabia was involved in the April 2021 coup attempt in Jordan. Iran supports Iraqi militias who are trying to expel US forces from their country.

This was the fourth in a series of meetings that began in 2019 (Cairo, Washington, and Amman).

This alliance would seem to contradict the conclusions reached at the US-Russia summit in Geneva (aka “Yalta II”) in that Iraq would become a strong partner of Iran. Actually, it is about extricating Iraq from its current position as a US-Iran battleground.

It was to signify its support of this tripartite summit in Baghdad that the United States bombed a pro-Iranian Iraqi militia in Syria, precisely while it was taking place.