According to The Intercept [1], the Taliban have captured the US biometric identification system, HIIDE (Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment).

For 20 years, the US occupation forces have developed a biometric file encompassing virtually the entire Afghan population, including iris scans and full digital fingerprints. Everyone entering or leaving Afghanistan, anyone who has ever been arrested or who worked for the United States has been identified.

It is not clear whether the Taliban have the know-how to exploit this database forthwith or whether they will need help from the Pakistani secret service.

The Taliban also laid their hands on the complete lists of those tortured or murdered on behalf of the US counterinsurgency (Khost Protection Force and National Directorate of Security).

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[1"The Taliban Have Seized U.S. Military Biometrics Devices", Ken Klippenstein & Sara Sirota, The Intercept, August 18 2021.