The Taliban gave foreign journalists in Afghanistan a tour of the CIA’s secret base [1].

Before fleeing, the intelligence agents incinerated all their vehicles and detonated their ammunition depot.

The base comprised the replica of an Afghan village used for training the local Agency staff, especially to carry out night “raids”.

It also included the partly destroyed “Dark Prison” of Salt Pit, renowned for meting out torture much more egregious than in Guantánamo [satellite photo]. The prisoners were held there for months, naked, in absolute darkness, sometimes broken under the blows of the guards’ own lamps. The prison was not heated.

The CIA had relaxed detention conditions after the Miami Herald reported that several inmates had frozen to death, chained to a wall for two weeks.

CIA collaboratos fled Afghanistan with their families. They’re the ones we have seen scrambling to climb on a plane at Kabul airport.

[1"Inside the CIA’s secret Kabul base, burned out and abandoned in haste", Emma Graham-Harrison, The Observer, September 3, 2021.