More than 200 delegates from the World Uyghur Congress came together in Prague from November 12 to 14 to attend the General Assembly of that organization, which serves as a public facade for the “Islamic Party of Turkestan”, formerly known as the "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" (ETIM).

This put-on was funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, a US organisation overseen and subsidized by Congress in order to pursue through legal means the objectives of the “Five Eyes”, the coalition of intelligence agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States [1].

These facts shed a stark light on the WUC:

 In February 2017, its current president Dolkun Isa organized a seminar in Berlin to concoct terrorist actions in Xinjiang.
 On 10 March 2018, Seyit Tumturk, former WUC vice president, recorded an anti-Chinese video with 400 armed Uyghur fighters.
 In March 2019, former WUC president Rebiya Kadeer acknowledged that her organization was sending jihadists to Syria, where they still have their own enclave, located in Al-Zanbaki, under Turkish protection [2].
 Attorney Rushan Abbas, after serving as a translator for the US Navy at its torture center in Guantánamo, has repeatedly testified before the US Congress denouncing the alleged arrest of a million Uyghurs and their internment in concentration camps due to President Xi Jinping’s purported Islamophobia.

Every terrorist organization requires not only “organizing” but also financing. Behind the individuals who plant bombs and get blood on their hands, there will always be “white collars” in charge of financing them.

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[2"The 18,000 al-Qaeda Uyghurs in Syria”, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 21 August 2018.