After Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali announced the general mobilization of his people against the advance of the Tigrayan separatists, his forces recovered lost ground.

Tigray, a small province in the northmost part of the country, is not content with claiming independence; it is bent on conquering the rest of the country, formerly the Abyssinian Empire.

However, the victory of the Ethiopian government does not signify the end of this war in any way. The Tigrayans have a well-equipped army (by the United States) and terrain characteristics obstruct the penetration of national troops into their province. They could therefore not only pursue their operations, but may also be tempted to engage again in a war of conquest.

We should recall that the goal of the US is not to change the Ethiopian government, but to annihilate the Ethiopian state. They support the Tigrayans at present, but do not want their victory (Rumsfeld / Cebrowski strategy) [1].

[1After Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan, the chaos is spreading to Ethiopia and soon to Eritrea”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 16 November 2021.