Photo: National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in conversation with NATO Secretary General. The two men share the same hatred of Donald Trump and Russia.

Special Prosecutor John Durham’s investigation into the false information that triggered an impeachment proceeding against US President Donald Trump on the basis of his alleged complicity with Russia – branded Russiagate – is opening up new leads. ‎

As it turns out, that information originated from Rodney Joffe, an expert in computer security and winner of an FBI cybersecurity award. He was entrusted with internet security at the White House despite having been convicted of serious fraud, which should have been enough to preclude him from any government position.

In his job, it was easy for this con man to cull all the traffic data not only from the White House but also from Trump Tower and Donald Trump’s apartment located in a separate building. He then exploited the data to link Donald Trump to the Russian authorities.

Joffe apparently carried out the task in hopes of landing an important assignment, which had been promised to him had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election.

These fraudulent maneuvers - which constituted a threat to national security and were steeped in corruption - were allegedly orchestrated by Hillary Clinton’s then foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, who is currently Joe Biden’s national security adviser and the main architect in fomenting a war against Russia in Ukraine. ‎