The Voltaire Network website,, has been seriously damaged.

 On Friday evening, 24 February, the host company based in Ukraine disowned. All the people working there decamped. Our team managed to recover the server located 70km from the front line and transfer the data to Finland (Member State of the European Union, but not part of NATO).

 Thursday, March 3, a team of professionals began to attack our new website deploying impressive means. It managed to access the private area of the site and disrupt it. The content of the website as at 26 February has been re-uploaded, but all subsequent data has been lost.

 We have just restored our secure communication system, enabling us to exchange again with our correspondents all over the world.

Despite computer attacks and assassination attempts against our journalists, we have provided our readers with an unparalleled information service for 28 years. We do not draw on the work of other authors; we research and elaborate the information ourselves. In that, we constitute a primary source of reference.

We will do everything in our power to continue our work; this is our fight.

However, we can only relay our information through this website. Our resources are paltry. If we undergo further attacks we will disappear. This is why we need your financial support immediately.

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