A criminal complaint against former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder for crimes against humanity has been filed with the public prosecutor’s office in Hanover (Germany).

Gerhard Schröder and former French President Jacques Chirac defied the Straussians during the war against Iraq. They had been publicly excoriated by American military strategist and neoconservative, Edward N. Luttwak.

Currently, Gerhard Schröder is chairman of the supervisory board of Russian energy company Rosneft and chairman of the shareholder committee of Nord Stream AG.

However, the German government has decided discontinue gas imports from Russia and has decommissioned the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

According to the Hanover public prosecutor’s office, his current functions would make him responsible for the crimes against humanity allegedly being carried out by the Russian army in Ukraine.

This is obviously a message addressed to the entire German political class who may be tempted to speak out against the policy of the United States in Ukraine.