The Kremlin already made it clear, last week, that it would not try to convince anyone of its good faith, since it is certain to have international law on its side. The Kremlin is confident that Westerners will progressively come round to its point of view.

Nevertheless, in retaliation, the Kremlin cut off all diplomatic negotiations with states that adopted unilateral “sanctions” against Russia, starting with its withdrawl from the territorial negotiations with Japan concerning the Kuril Islands.

It seems that Washington is agreeable to a possible breaking off of diplomatic ties between the two Great Powers, even with the risk of nuclear war that this would entail. During an interview, Crimean senator Sergei Tsekov, while hoping that it would not come to that, enumerated the consequences that such a severance would have for all.

Contrary to what one might have expected, many countries are resisting US pressure and could choose to side with Russia and China. This is particularly the case for the Gulf States and India.