A team of investigative journalists called Off Investigation has just posted a documentary describing how French President Emmanuel Macron stashed the fortune he accrued during his stint as managing partner at the Rothschild bank, from 2010 to 2012 [1].

According to their findings, Rothschild managing partners enjoy the privilege of receiving only one-fifth of their pay in France, while the other four-fifths are deposited in trusts harbored in the Channel Islands. This part of the funds can be legally concealed from the French tax authorities.

However, when he was elected President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron was under the obligation to declare the totality of his assets in order to check for any conflicts of interest. However, he omitted to declare the fortune he had sitting abroad.

The journalists could not learn the size of this fortune, but it should be considerable seeing the role he played in the sale transaction of Pfizer’s baby milk activities to Nestlé. In 2014, after leaving the Élysée where he was Deputy Secretary-General under President Hollande, Emmanuel Macron tried to settle in London, where he could have feasted on his secret fortune without needing to repatriate it to France.

Struck by the inconsistencies in the Emmanuel Macron’s statements, the Anticor association – which is dedicated to fighting corruption – brought the matter before the High Authority for the Transparency of Public life. With almost no means of investigation at its disposal, the High Authority was unable to unveil anything concrete. Anticor then took legal action. But the Public Prosecutor of Paris considered that there was no need to investigate... since the High Authority had not uncovered anything abnormal.

[1"Patrimoine de Macron", Off Investigation, 5 March 2022.