In his opening speech at the 2022 Boao Forum for Asia annual conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a Global Security Initiative to stop the Second Cold War submerging the world.

Before an audience of Asian personalities, he stressed that the main problem is not the situation in Ukraine, but the unipolar architecture of the world. He therefore made a plea for a new organization of international relations based on mutual respect as enshrined in the “Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence” (laid down by Jawaharlal Nehru of India and Zhou Enlai of the People’s Republic of China in 1952-54, which feature in the preamble to the Chinese Constitution) and the “Ten Principles of the Bandung Conference” of 1955).

Drawing on an ancient Chinese philosopher, he remarked that “Stability brings a country prosperity while instability leads a country to poverty”. He then underlined that they must together strive to preserve peace in Asia and strengthen their solidarity around the 2020 Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership. Finally, referring to the win-win principle of the ancient Chinese emperors, the Chinese president invited the participants to develop the political unity of the Asian continent while respecting the diversity of all its nations. ‎ As well, he encouraged ASEAN nations, of which China is not a part, to strengthen their political unity and protect their neutrality.

Xi Jinping Proposes a Global Security Initiative”, by Xi Jinping, Voltaire Network, 21 April 2022.