Washington plans to attach Lviv/Lwów to Poland as was the case after the First World War. At the time, after a brief war pitting the Ukrainians against the Poles for the control of Galicia as the Austro-Hungarian Empire was collapsing, the Versailles Peace Conference and the League of Nations (SDN) decided to attach this region administratively to Poland for 25 years, and subsequently to convene a referendum of self-determination.

The driving idea was to strengthen Poland as a bulwark in the face of Soviet ideology.

Washington’s gambit today is to put a brave face on a bad job, by selling its Ukrainian ally down the river thereby strengthening Poland against Russia.

Realizing that the war in Ukraine is lost, Washington plans to recognize the annexation of Donbass, Mariupol and Crimea to Russia in exchange for the annexation of Eastern Galicia to Poland (Western Galicia is already Polish). The issue of Odessa and Transnistria is still up for grabs. Ukraine would become the former shadow of itself.

In line with this outlook, Polish President Andrzej Duda travelled to Kyev, where he addressed the Verkhovna Rada. He said Ukraine should be rebuilt at the expense of the “aggressor” and that there should be no rest until it is included in the European Union. Beyond these fine words, he came to ascertain what would become of Ukraine once its defeat has been achieved.