The 11 May 1960 number of Life Magazine carried an article allegedly based on a 70-hour interview that SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann supposedly granted in Argentina to Dutch SS Willem Sassen. This interview ought not to have been released during Eichmann’s lifetime, but the temptation to gain personal advantage from it was apparently too strong for Sassen.

During Eichmann’s subsequent trial, he based his defense on a completely different version of his role in the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” The prosecution failed to file the Life Magazine article that Eichmann claimed was a forgery.

Until now, there existed no proof of führer Adolf Hitler’s responsibility and Eichmann was portrayed as a simple official who committed crimes under orders.

However, 15 hours of this audio interview were uncovered by Israeli documentary filmmaker Yariv Mozer, ensconced in the German Archives in Koblenz. Their authenticity had been certified by Willem Sassen shortly before his death in 2001. Also found were 700 pages of transcripts from the remaining 55 hours of the interview, but these could not be authenticated.

Channel 11 is planning to release a three-part production, starting 7 June 2022.

This document rattles our perception of the Jewish genocide.

Therein, Adolf Eichmann specifically claims responsibility for the supervision of a plan, conceived according to him by führer Adolf Hitler in person, calling for the annihilation of 10.3 million people.

The remaining 55 hours of the interview are likely to conceal even more surprises. Already the question arises as to why the Yad Vashem Memorial, which was aware of the existence of these documents, did nothing to reveal them to the public at large.

When historians were grappling with this document, it emerged that the Eichmann trial was a smokescreen set up by Prime Minister Ben-Gurion to hide from the United States the secret nuclear program that he was conducting with Germany.