While NATO heads of state and government are gathered in Madrid mapping out a third world war against the Russian Federation, Russian state space corporation Roscosmos has released on its Telegram channel the coordinates of Western decision-making centers.

It displays satellite images of the White House and the Pentagon (United States), of NATO headquarters (Belgium) [photo], of the Congress Center (Spain) where the NATO summit is being held, of the Ministry of Defense (United Kingdom), the Reichstag and the Federal Chancellery (Germany), and even the Elysée Palace (France).

The site provides the strike coordinates:
⠀🇺🇸 38.897542, -77.036505
⠀⠀🇺🇸 38.870960, -77.055935
⠀⠀🇬🇧 51.503049, -0.127727
⠀⠀🇫🇷 48.870433, 2.316842
⠀⠀🇩🇪 52.519903, 13.368921
⠀⠀🇧🇪 50.879986, 4.425771

Dmitry Rogozin, director of Roscosmos, is the former Russian ambassador to NATO.

Questioned by reporters, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov, said: "I’m not going to guess what President Zelensky hopes for – it’s absolutely not important what he thinks, or hopes. He doesn’t make decisions. Decisions are made in Washington, and by no means at the presidential level. Well-known officials make decisions in the State Department, and probably even in the presidential administration."

So, a word to the wise!