Several months back, the American press asserted that Russia had purchased drones from Iran, which both countries immediately denied. Now it claims that Russia is procuring shells from North Korea, which has prompted further denials.

These allegations are intended to create the impression that the Russian arms industry is on it’s last legs and that Moscow has been left on its own. Therefore, turning to “rogue states” (according to US nomenclature) for its supplies is its last available option.

To date, there is no indication that either of these accusations has any foundation in fact.

Similarly, the US press misread President Putin’s decree concerning the recruitment of 137,000 men as being proof of a dire lack of staff.

In fact, the directive contemplated the incorporation of the armed forces of Donbass when it will be ready to join the Russian Federation.

However, it is indeed correct that Russia delayed the delivery of weapons ordered by certain foreign countries, preferring to give priority to its armed forces.