The Ukrainian presidency has accused Russian of committing crimes after the discovery of a mass grave in Izium, containing nearly 150 bodies.

Most Western states have issued protests. The Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union called for the creation of an International Criminal Court.

Old tricks definitely still work. During the fall of the Ceaușescu regime in Romania in 1989, the West bought into the narrative of Timisoara’s mass graves. In reality, they were corpses retrieved from the morgue and tied up with wires. At the time, observers concluded that they had been tortured by the regime.

This time, there is no mass grave either. It is a cemetery of 440 Ukrainian soldiers buried, one by one, by the Russian army.

What the West should be asking itself is why certain Ukrainian units do not pick up the dead bodies of their soldiers. We have already explained it [1] : the “integral nationalists” (qualified as “neo-Nazis” by the Russians) are followers of philosopher and mystic Dmytro Dontsov. They see themselves as the descendants of the Varangians (a Viking tribe from Sweden), fighting an initial battle of Good against Evil. According to their ideology, the Valkyries enter the battlefield and choose the best warriors to form the Twilight army that will fight the final battle against the Russians. The dead warriors, therefore, did not die in vain. They are removed by the Valkyries and left to wait in Valhalla to participate in the End Times.

[1The ideology of the banderists”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 21 June 2022.