The Kremlin has decided to accuse Ukraine of having organized the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, plus an attempt to undermine the Turkish Stream gas pipeline as well as the Crimean bridge terror attack, even though it is obvious that Kyev did not have the means to carry out the first operation. The United States, meanwhile, cannot claim responsibility for this type of action without tarnishing its image. The Kremlin’s interpretation helps to prolong the confrontation between Russia and the Anglo-Americans while justifying any actions against Kyev.

Dmitri Medvedev, number 2 of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has publicly called for the dismantling of the Kyev regime, which increases the pressure even more. Basically, the Kremlin has no interest in overthrowing President Zelensky, who has been treated with kid gloves so far, but it has no reason to keep him in power either. Its one and only enemy, once Novorossia has been partially liberated, are the Anglo-Americans. The solution advocated by Medvedev is therefore a provocation aimed at weakening the Westerners by forcing them to increase their support for Kyev.

NATO propaganda - which portrays the war as being a concern only for Ukraine and paints the Russian army as running out of steam - shapes the Europeans’ way of thinking. Thus, they will be led to overestimate the importance of Kyev and underestimate the strength of the Russian army; and, in short, made to fall into Medvedev’s trap.