The Russian Federation has sent a long letter to the 195 member states of the United Nations outlining the difficulties it faces in obtaining visas for its diplomats at the United Nations.

The missive points out that Washington no longer makes a secret of its intention to limit the number of Russian diplomats present at the General Assembly, plus the various committees. It denounces the violation of the obligations undertaken by the United States under its agreement with the United Nations to host the headquarters of the organisation. Finally, it refers to resolution 76/122, adopted by the General Assembly on 6 December 2021, in which Washington was already reminded of its obligations.

This letter, quite unique in its form, comes at a time when the United States is stepping up contacts with a view to having the General Assembly vote on a reform of the UN Charter which would allow Russia to be excluded from the organization. Anticipating the worst, Moscow is contemplating to create a structure separate from the UN for the settlement of international disputes in compliance with international law, in line with what Tsar Nicolas II had done in relation to the Hague conferences.