Number 14 of our weekly Newsletter Voltaire, International Newsletter is published.

 Contents of these 10 pages of brief news:
 Editorial: A crypto-Nazi at the head of NATO?
 Midterm elections in the USA: the most expensive elections in history; the battle within the Republican Party between historic Republicans and Jacksonians.
 The Cherokee Nation demands the application of the Treaty of New Echota.
 The UK has trained Ukrainian combat divers.
 Political groups organize an uproar in the French National Assembly and have the deputy against whom they spoke suspended.
 Germany will pay for Ukrainian Jews fleeing the current war.
 Chancellor Scholz and President Xi organize German-Chinese trade behind the backs of the United States and Russia.
 The Dutch government bans a British speaker in the entire Schengen area.
 The Law of the Sea distinguishes shipwrecked people from migrants.
 Political spying on smartphones in Greece.
 The Ukrainian government manages to convince its nationals that they will be in danger as long as the Russian people exists.
 Russia has never threatened to use nuclear weapons, neither strategic nor tactic.
 Marshal Haftar quietly tried in the United States.
 Victory of the revisionist Zionists in the Israeli general elections.
 What Jordan fears with the return of Benjamin Netanyahu.
 The Lebanese Prime Minister buys Afghan mobile phone networks.
 Death threats against former Iraqi Prime Minister who helped murder General Soleimani.
 Iranian leaders are planning their escape.
 The motive for the attack against the former Pakistani Prime Minister.
 The United States protects Uyghur jihadists in Afghanistan.
 China builds a better fighter jet than its US rival by stealing its stealth technology.
 Japanese political parties can no longer be funded by religious sects.
 Members of NATO now refuse to condemn Nazism.

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