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Contents of N°15:

 Editorial: First Ukraine-US crisis
 Joe Biden’s second biggest donor loses his entire fortune in less than three days.
 Android phones can escape Google spying, but not the FBI’s.
 The United Methodist Church is split over the ordination of gay pastors.
 The Pentagon hopes Starlink could replace GPS in the event of a Chinese attack.
 US federal judge says it’s illegal to deport undocumented immigrants. On the contrary, Texas suspends habeas corpus for illegal immigrants.
 Congress decides to grant the same social rights for straight and gay couples.
 Latin American personalities want to relaunch Unasur.
 Chancellor Scholz pivots Germany to Asia, while French President Macron tries to catch up with him.
 The US peace plan in Ukraine.
 UN propaganda against Russia.
 Netanyahu’s allies will cut Israel off from its diaspora.
 Jordan is preparing for Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.
 Hezbollah chooses Sleiman Frangié.
 Russia is preparing to close the Ar-Rukban refugee camp.
 The Emiratis no longer stand US pressure and say so.
 Moqtada El-Sadr retires from politics again.
 Iraqi Kurdistan will not be able to resist the clash between the Barzani and the Talabani clans.
 The confessions of the two French spies in charge of overthrowing the Iranian regime.
 An attack in Turkey reveals the contradictions of the regime.
 Indonesia prevents the Anglo-Saxons and the French from turning the G20 summit into an anti-Russia meeting.
 The Chinese position on the conflict in Ukraine.
 China convinced by Russian declarations on nuclear weapons. Westerners have not read it.
 The Moon sect in South Korea.
 The United Nations administration supports migration, legal or not.

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