" Voltaire, International Newsletter " is a factual weekly newsletter. It’s a work equivalent to that of a news agency, but with other criteria, another vision of the world than AFP, AP and Reuters. It differs from the analyses that we publish on Voltairenet.org, which are the equivalent of newspapers’ articles, but with different criteria.

The journalists’ criteria reflect their initial assumptions. For Western news agencies, the United States and NATO still dominate the world. Based on their news dispatches the Western Media merely do elaborate on the subject.

On the contrary, our postulate is that no one has the right to impose his will on others. Moreover, the military development of Russia and the economic development of China have already challenged the hierarchy. Never have Russia nor China attempted to dominate the world as the West has. This is why they have taken the lead of a fundamental movement of all those who dream of substituting a multipolar organization of the world to the current unipolar one.

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Contents of n°16:

 Editorial: "A "Ministry of Truth" soon to be created within NATO"
 The US Department of Justice appoints a partisan attorney to accuse Donald Trump of having hatched an attempted coup.
 The US Treasury is concerned about the embezzlement of the Zelensky government.
 The Pentagon controls major video games development to trivialize its own crimes.
 Republicans will exclude Democratic representatives from certain House committees, as Democrats have done with Republicans.
 The ELN resumes negotiations in Colombia.
 The Peruvian Congress prepares the impeachment of President Castillo.
 The UK is concerned about the possibility of Ukrainian fatigue.
 Germany is preparing to deploy a European force during the ceasefire in Ukraine planned for spring.
 Hungary opposes European sanctions against Russia.
 More videos of the abuses of "integral nationalists" in Ukraine.
 Burkina Faso no longer wants French soldiers.
 Mali no longer wants French NGOs.
 Benjamin Netanyahu outflanked by his Kahanist allies.
 Jordan is quietly normalizing its relations with Israel.
 Iraqi Kurdistan bombarded simultaneously by Turkey and Iran, without reaction from Baghdad.
 Saudi Arabia leads the world in capital executions per capita.
 Iran will soon be able to export its oil without going through the Strait of Hormuz.
 So-called “Iranian” drones in Ukraine do not have any Iranian components.
 Turkey suppresses the Istanbul bombing by bombing Kurdish Atlanticist mercenaries in Syria.
 India’s economy is now growing twice as fast as China’s.
 The fortune of Pakistani Chief of Staff.
 The UN Secretary General’s double standards against North Korea.
 Japan facing the Moon sect.
 New Zealand wants to lower the age of majority.
 APEC refuses to condemn Russia.
 The emperor has no clothes at COP27.
 The US "Integrated Air and Sea Defense Architecture" in the Middle East.
 The Russian Reform Project of the United Nations.
 The partisan game of the IAEA in Ukraine.
 The Western plan to expel Russia from the OSCE.

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