David Brock, the Clintons’ henchman who withdrew from the limelight after suffering a heart attack, is back. During the next two years, at the helm of Facts First USA, he will have 10 million dollars at his disposal to discredit congressional investigators who will try to shed light on the Hunter Biden affair.

In February 2017, Thierry Meyssan had revealed the means and the campaign deployed by David Brock against Donald Trump [1]. The aim was to disparage the president-elect, even before he moved into the White House, by portraying him as a white supremacist under Russian influence. This gigantic international campaign was partially successful, giving rise to two Congressional procedures to impeach its target.

David Brock’s method is a very dangerous one: by accumulating the charges, which are in general totally fabricated, the Clintons intend to cast suspicion on the people who are likely to destabilize President Biden, regardless of who they are. Their game may ultimately undermine the authority of institutions without anyone being able to restore them. It is in this way that the German socialists themselves destroyed the Weimar Republic (1918-33) in the belief that they were protecting it, thus paving the way for Nazism.

[1The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Zero Hedge (USA), Voltaire Network, 28 February 2017.