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Contents of N°29:

 Editorial: China’s Conception of International Relations
 According to Washington, Al-Qaeda’s new emir lives in Iran
 Continuation of the opaque 2020 US presidential election
 How can the United States condemn Wagner?
 Joe Biden fit for Office
 Christian Revival in the USA
 The US battle of gas stoves
 Sinaloa Cartel Moves to Arizona
 Parliamentary inquiries into the withdrawal from Afghanistan
 Parliamentary Inquiry into the Biden Family
 Protest in Washington against the war in Ukraine
 Blinken-Wang Meeting
 The US must rethink its military use of space
 US lawmakers against Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies
 Biden Administration at Munich Security Conference
 Ecuadorian president accused of being linked to cartels
 Resumption of civil war in Colombia
 Continuation of the coup against Peruvian President Pedro Castillo
 Pope Francis takes up the fundamentalists’ question
 Stay-behind: the former Danish Minister of Defense indicted
 Czechia provides Ukrainian army
 Hungary reorganizes its armies
 Drastic increase in asylum applications in the EU
 Norway sinks into war
 The West is running out of ammo
 President Zelensky talks about his potential defeat in Donbass
 Chinese Remarks at Munich Security Conference
 Precautionary measure in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
 News from Yevgeny Prigozhin
 The revelations of Vladislav Surkov
 Russia rethinks its participation in the New START Disarmament Treaty
 Possible solution in Libya
 Tunisian justice ready to indict Rached Ghannouchi
 Peace mediation in Ukraine of the Brazzaville Foundation
 Mali reacts to Charles Michel’s accusations
 Burkina Faso against terrorism
 African Union expels Israel’s ambassador
 Former allies of Benjamin Netanyahu protest against his new policies
 Pfizer documents on Israeli government commitments
 Israel attacks Nablus
 Benjamin Netanyahu ready to bomb Iran
 Washington ready to condemn Netanyahu to save ’two-state solution’
 Lebanese parliamentarians in Damascus
 Nasrallah-Netanyahu controversy
 Israeli bombing in Damascus
 Bashar al-Assad in Oman
 Question on the earthquake in Turkey and Syria
 Turkish Space Agency update on the earthquake
 Saudi Arabia talks about an upcoming normalization with Syria
 Towards abolition of Iraqi Kurdistan?
 Cambodia recovers jewelry stolen by Douglas Latchford
 Risk of famine in North Korea
 Resumption of direct Sino-Japanese talks
 China masters aerobic engines